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Virtual Private Servers
Scalable VPS solutions for any size company or budget
TekTonic Virtual Private Servers are an excellent choice for the experienced admin or hobbyist looking for all of the power of a VPS without the overhead of a required control panel. Take control of our elastic management panel and easily scale your resources up or down when you need them. Choose from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, or Gentoo. Want Microsoft Windows or FreeBSD? Check out our Cloud VPS.
New accounts receive TRIPLE RAM and 50% off first month! Must sign-up and pay for the first month of any package. New customers only.

Select a Virtual Private Server plan

TekTonic offers a variety of virtual private servers to choose from. To get started select a plan below using the slider.

  • VPS-512
  • VPS-1024
  • VPS-2048
  • VPS-3072
  • Guaranteed RAM

  • Disk Space

  • Monthly Bandwidth

  • CPU

  • IP Addresses

  • Monthly Price:


All Virtual Private Servers come with the following:

  • Instant Account SetupInstant Account SetupWe know that time is money. That’s why each VPS plan comes with instant setup, so you can start with your new hosting account right away.
  • On-Demand ScalabilityOn-Demand ScalabilityEach VPS that is deployed by TekTonic is instantly scalable to your needs so you will never outgrow your VPS solution, it grows with you!
  • Full Root AccessFull Root AccessWith TekTonic you have complete control over your VPS to install applications and more with full root access to your virtual private server.
  • SupportSupportThe first 15 minutes of every support issue is complimentary. Most issues are resolved within 15 minutes.
  • Management PanelsManagement PanelsTake advantage of cPanel or Plesk to easily administer your server, or use the command line.
  • Parallels VirtuozzoParallels VirtuozzoVirtuozzo's low-overhead virtualization provides the best possible performance for your applications.
  • PerformancePerformanceOur servers are tuned for maxmimum performance and utilize multiple processors, ECC RAM, and RAID-10 storage.
  • Backup UtilitiesBackup UtilitiesUtilize powerful backup utilities to make a snapshot of your VPS for safe upgrades or download an image to your local machine.
  • Value Added ServicesValue Added ServicesOrder powerful add-on services to maximize the potential of your VPS and increase uptime even further.
  • Advanced NetworkingAdvanced NetworkingFree Inter-VPS traffic on our private gigabit network. Manage a firewall or create a VPN.
  • Take ControlTake ControlTake control of your VPS and Start, Stop, Reboot, Repair, and Reinstall as your needs require.
  • Bulk Discount AvailableBulk Discount AvailableNeed a lot of servers? Ask us about our discount program.
Need more uptime focus? We’ve got you covered!
Self Healing VPS