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High Performance VPS Solutions
Turbo-Charged VPS designed to handle the most demanding loads.

TekTonic's HiPerf VPS are perfect for those who have outgrown a typical VPS plan. HiPerf VPSs are a high-resource, low-contention solution without the price tag of standard dedicated hosting, and hardware maintenance. More CPU, better uptime, and SSD-accelerated disk storage provide impressive performance that will beat most dedicated servers.


Select a HiPerf VPS plan

TekTonic offers a variety of virtual private servers to choose from. To get started select a plan below using the slider.

  • HIPERF-2048
  • HIPERF-4096
  • HIPERF-6144
  • HIPERF-8192
  • Guaranteed RAM

  • Disk Space

  • Monthly Bandwidth

  • CPU

  • IP Addresses

  • Monthly Price:


Select a Distro:

All HiPerf VPS come with the following:

  • Instant Account SetupInstant Account SetupWe know that time is money. That’s why each VPS plan comes with instant setup, so you can start with your new hosting account right away.
  • Seamless UpgradeSeamless UpgradeEasily upgrade from a standard VPS. In most cases we can upgrade to HiPerf VPS without even requiring a reboot! You won't have to move files, change your DNS, or reconfigure your apps.
  • Full Root AccessFull Root AccessWith TekTonic you have complete control over your VPS to install applications and more with full root access to your virtual private server.
  • SupportSupportThe first 15 minutes of every support issue is complimentary. Most issues are resolved within 15 minutes.
  • Management PanelsManagement PanelsTake advantage of cPanel or Plesk to easily administer your server, or use the command line.
  • On-Demand ScalabilityOn-Demand ScalabilityEach VPS that is deployed by TekTonic is fully scalable to your needs so you will never outgrow your VPS solution, it grows with you!
  • High PerformanceHigh PerformanceOur servers are tuned for maximum performance and utilize SSD-accelerated RAID-10 storage.
  • Backup UtilitiesBackup UtilitiesUtilize powerful backup utilities to make a snapshot of your VPS for safe upgrades or download an image to your local machine.
  • Value Added ServicesValue Added ServicesOrder powerful add-on services to maximize the potential of your VPS and increase uptime even further.
  • Advanced NetworkingAdvanced NetworkingFree Inter-VPS traffic on our private gigabit network. Manage a firewall or create a VPN.
  • Take ControlTake ControlTake control of your VPS and Start, Stop, Reboot, Repair, and Reinstall as your needs require.
  • Bulk Discount AvailableBulk Discount AvailableNeed a lot of servers? Ask us about our discount program.
Need more uptime focus? We’ve got you covered!
Self Healing VPS