Self-Healing Virtual Private Servers
TekTonic offers virtual private servers with self-healing capabilities, so that if a node fails, your VPS moves to a spare. This ensures your server is always accessible.
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Enterprise VPS at affordable costs
Scalable VPS solutions for any size company or budget
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Turbo-Charged VPS Solutions
Our HiPerf VPS provides the management and scalability of a VPS with the performance of a high end server. More CPU, less contention, and SSD-accelerated disk storage provide impressive performance.
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A Little About Us

TekTonic is focused on maintaining a leadership position in the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting market. Our company is privately held and employee owned, with a history of managed, consistent growth. We are proud to provide the following services to our clients:

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  • Security

    What is VPS?

    A VPS is the result of splitting one powerful physical server into many virtual servers. The benefits provided are easier management, dynamic resource tuning, and higher reliability than traditional dedicated servers.
  • Self Healing Cloud

    Self Healing Cloud VPS

    Self-healing Cloud VPS solutions from TekTonic offer unbeatable, reliable uptime for all your business needs.
  • Datacenter and Network

    Datacenter and Network

    We operate in a high performance datacenter location in Dallas. Our Dallas location utilizes multiple gigabits of connectivity and intelligent routing.
  • Scalability

    Instant Scalability

    Real time upgrades are available within your control panel 365 days a year. You can scale your hosting solution with just a few simple clicks.

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